Hello and welcome to Serenity Wrapped’s first blog – my first blog (ever!).

I thought I’d be writing a light-hearted introduction to my business – a gift shop specialising in gifts for mums – a place where mums could send their husbands, partners, children, and any other significant others when asked what they wanted for their birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.

Because that’s where I started.

Leap of faith

Mid last year I took a leap of faith and decided to start a business. Why? Because I wanted a level of flexibility that a traditional job just wouldn’t give me – something that would work around our family life.

And why a gift shop for mums? Well, for starters, I’m a mum – and, I don’t know about you, but my husband often asks me for gift ideas (for me) – so it seemed a logical option and a good fit.

But since taking the leap, I’ve been gently guided in an oh so subtly different direction and my focus has shifted.

It started with my business name – then delving deeper into what my business would look and feel like – and starting my Facebook page, where I give little reminders to take a moment to rest, relax and reconnect with self.

Then it hit me – Serenity Wrapped is becoming something more – more than a gift shop – and, for me, more than a business.

Unexpected journey

I’ve begun an unexpected journey – a journey home – a journey of self-discovery and healing.

My focus has shifted to self-care – for both myself and for you. Why? Because it’s oh so necessary – we need to care for ourselves – to be our best selves – and to be able to give our best.

One of the reasons I’ve found self-care so hard since becoming a mum, is because I really sucked at self-care before I was a mum. (I’ve only just worked this out!)

Sure, I’d “take time”. But I never sat in silence – I never listened to my soul – I never connected to my essence. It’s something I’ve only just started doing. And I’m slowly feeling a change.

So, why did I neglect self-care for so much of my life? Because I didn’t think it applied to me.

I’m guessing you’re asking why. I mean, self-care sounds like a pretty straight forward thing – taking care of yourself – something we all should be doing – right?

Well – yeah – but it doesn’t always come naturally.

Just to be clear, what I’m talking about here is wholistic self-care – body, mind and spirit – being in tune with ourselves – acknowledging, and doing what’s best for our whole self.

Self-care adverse

I was introduced to the concept of self-care almost 30 years ago – so you would think I’d have mastered it. But, no.

When I was 15, my mum was diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer. My introduction to self-care activities like meditation, positive affirmations, and creative visualisation was part of her journey.

My teenage brain parked self-care (or self-help as it was generally called then) as being for people who were sick or in crisis. So, I didn’t think it applied to me.

What I didn’t realise at the time – and never acknowledged, until very recently – was that my teenage self was in crisis. (A story for another day.)

I’ve come to accept that I’ve spent a lot of my life in survival mode – living on auto-pilot – and neglecting myself on a number of levels.

Becoming a mum put a spotlight on this – although it’s taken a while to sink in.

And now, I’m at the start of a new journey.

Serenity Wrapped & you

So, what does this mean for Serenity Wrapped – and for you.

Well, we’re in the midst of building our online marketplace, which will showcase beautiful products that promote rest, relaxation and wellbeing – as was always intended.

The difference will be a focus on self-care – you can, of course, still send your significant others to us for gift inspiration. ?

It also means I’ll be continuing to share reminders to make room in your day for you – and for self-care. Sometimes giving yourself just one moment can make a difference.

It’s so easy to slip into survival routines and run on auto-pilot – especially as mums – sometimes we need little reminders to reconnect – to breathe and give ourselves space.

I believe we’re all on a unique journey – and I hope my journey will enable me to bring you something that helps you on yours.