Wow, I feel this one. Because when you’re in the depths of overwhelm, the struggle IS real, right?

Well for me it was. I still remember the first time I heard someone utter those four simple words. They resonated with me to my very core.

I remember feeling relieved, validated. And, in a way, I felt comforted. Because those words, coming from someone else, meant I wasn’t alone.

I never intended to adopt “the struggle is real” as a mantra, but I did.

And, guess what? When you constantly repeat something to yourself, it becomes your reality. Your brain looks for evidence to support the thought, and when it finds it (which it will), the thought becomes a belief and… well, the struggle is real.

When I took on this mantra, I WAS struggling – a lot. I needed the validation. I needed the comfort.

What I didn’t realise was that I was setting myself up. I was creating a self-perpetuating cycle of validation, expectation and experience.

It took a whole lot of mindset work for me to see it. And quite a bit of time to accept it.

But once I did, I was able to take responsibility and flip the script. Fast forward to now…

Yes, the struggle is real – sometimes. And when I’m feeling it, I acknowledge it. (But I don’t unpack and live with it anymore!)

I’m learning to work through the issues behind the struggle. I’m meditating. (Full disclosure: ‘meditating’ for me is often taking a few minutes to focus on my breath.)

I’m also choosing positive affirmations (like “My day unfolds with ease and grace” – thanks Gabby Bernstein!). And I’m starting to let go.

Oh, and there is something else – I’m learning to ask for help.

Yep, I’m still a work in progress! (And always will be. ☺️)

What I’d love you to take away from my experience…

Yes, the struggle is real – sometimes. But don’t unpack and live with it. Acknowledge it, feel it, work through it, and let it go.

Allow yourself to move beyond the struggle. Because there’s a whole lot more to life.

And if you’re feeling the struggle right now, I see you. Know your struggle is real, in this moment. Know your feelings are valid. And know you can move past this.

Sending much love and positive energy to you… xx